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At th ER

It's almost certainly unnecessary, but I'm at the Mt Auburn ER, waiting to be evaluated.

I was about to go to bed & had just taken off my glasses when I realized I'd been reading with no difficulty for a couple hours, so the side-effects of the surgery were definitely over. No sign of any ghosting in the fairly dim light in my room. So I decided to go to the window to see if I could spot a star --- and look at it without any ghosting!

In the dimness I tripped over something. I had enough control in the fall to duck my head when it seemed that my freshly repaired eye was on a collision course with the chromed steel frame of my Healthrider (a piece of exercise equipment I keep in my room). So instead of my eye, my forehead bashed into it.

I didn't lose consciousness, see stars, or exhibit any other symptom of concussion --- and believe me, I was checking first thing, before I even reached to touch my forehead or started to notice what else hurt.

When my hand got to my forehead, it came away wet with blood. No surprise there: even the mildest cut on the forehead bleeds a lot --- and I am on blood thinners. So I grabbed the nearest clean white cloth (one of my Egyptian cotton bath towels --- sigh), wrapped it around my head, and started trying to do some self-triage while waiting for my head to stop bleeding. Checked my self-assessment with zephyr, and called my insurance co's nurse advice line. Which told me to go to the ER just to be sure. So here I am.

More later.

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