Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Bigger on the Inside

I just watched (no, there will not be spoilers) Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode, "The Doctor's Wife" — and it was every bit as brilliant as I could have hoped.

But almost better is the accompanying Doctor Who Confidential. Featuring Neil Gaiman, standing on the TARDIS set, reading from the screenplay with that amazing delivery of his. My heart leapt.

Even without the Gaiman readings, this would have been a fantastic episode of Confidential. I've often said that the people who choose the incidental music for Confidential are brilliant — but this time they outdid themselves, with essentially a music video of Doctor Who clips, set to to a (perfectly chosen!) classic rock song. As the Ninth Doctor was occasionally heard to say: Fantastic!

I feel like a cat in a creamery!
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