Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

One week on

Had the stitches out of my forehead yesterday; the scar is already far less dramatic than I was fearing., and will only fade with time.

Turns out I am fighting off an infection in one of the leg cuts. Which may go somewhat further to explain why this has left me so sleeping so much and with such very low energy. Still, I hope to get some things done tomorrow. Including email and LJ replies I owe several people, some since before the fall.

(Also yesterday had my follow-up with my eye surgeon. I haven't really been out at night, driving or anything else, this past week, but from all I can tell, while the surgery didn't quite entirely eliminate the ghosting, it reduced it to the point where it shouldn't matter in the real world. If I turn off all the lights and close my laptop and look at the power LED on the magsafe plug, there's a very faint arc-shaped glow at about 10 o'clock, maybe a thumb's-breadth at arm's length away from the light, and a fainter arc at 7 o'clock a tad further out. But with any ambient light at all, I don't see the ghosting. Nor do I see any at all from my 2-inch LED clock, maybe 8 feet away in an otherwise dark room. After my first surgery I could see an entire second display, easily bright enough to read. So, not quite perfect. But every surgery runs risks of damaging my lens, for what at this point looks like minuscule potential gain. My surgeon thinks we're done, and, pending any negative data, I agree).

Thank you for reading. I hope to get back to more regular posting (about more regular things!) soon.
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