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Getting stuff done

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent a lot of it thinking about where my life is and where I want it to be. One consequence of that thinking is that from now on, I intend to post each morning and evening, under the todo tag: in the morning, things I want to get done that day; in the evening, notes on what I did. You're only getting an evening post today, because I didn't settle on this plan til a few hours ago.

Since my fall a couple weeks ago, I stopped my exercise schedule, which had for several weeks been at least seven 15+ minute periods in my aerobic range per week, to be done on at least five different days. Even walking was painful after that fall — it pulled on the scars and made them bleed.

I realized yesterday that, especially in combination with the tendency to sleep too much the healing has entailed, has had a really crappy effect on my mood. So one of my todo items for today was to get started on that again.

I took a 15 min walk at an average pulse of 120, and a 21 min walk at 122. So I think that's a ringing success.

The one thing that was specifically on my calendar today was a genius bar appointment at the Apple Store. That happened; my problem was happily resolved, and I had a nice talk with the guy at the genius bar. Which leads to my next point:

Another thing I decided yesterday was that I need to be trying to apply for at least one job — any remotely reasonable job — every day, instead of waiting for a great job to somehow fall into my lap. So as we were finishing up, I said, "So, switching gears here, do you guys have any openings?"

So I've just finished submitting my application for a genius bar position at the Cambridgeside store. It is a vastly lower-level position than I've held in something like fifteen years. But, damn it would be good to have a regular gig again. And, as a dear friend pointed out to me yesterday, while I'm unlikely to be hired by people who don't know me into as senior a position as I'm used to, I am highly likely to be promoted into such a position by people who've seen my work. So here's hoping.
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