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todo progress 2011-05-24

Of the six items in this morning's todo, I failed on one: "Contact at least one temp agency, and schedule an interview." I'd planned to do it in the afternoon. Having my stitches removed turned out to be a lot more time-consuming than I'd expected — and took a hell of a lot more out of me. I'd expected it to be quick and essentially painless, as removing the stitches from my forehead had been. Instead, each stitch seemed to take a fair bit of effort; most were quite sharply painful, and I bled rather more than the few droplets I'd expected. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty wiped, so I took a nap. Without imagining I'd nap for more than an hour, and therefore without setting an alarm. Nearly four hours later — just past 5:00 — I woke up.

Calling temp agencies will be my first business-hours priority tomorrow.

I'm going to call this not bad for my first day trying to abide by a todo list. But I'm not asking a ridiculous amount of myself, and I really ought to be able to do 100%.

Tomorrow's another day.
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