Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

todo 2011-05-25

I really do like sleeping with the window open when the weather is cooperative. It even feeds me tidbits of random intellectual stimulation. Such as wondering what evolutionary advantage do birds gain from singing their little hearts out at dawn?

You owe the earliness of this post to the particular enthusiasm with which they greeted the sun this morning around 5:50.

Oh well. I suppose it's just as well I get an early start:

  • Contact at least one temp agency, and schedule an interview. Held over once; don't let it be twice.
  • Go to WIND meeting. They're good for me, and I should never have let myself get out of the habit.
  • Review OmniFocus documentation, so I can start actually using the damned thing.
  • Review my Dice alerts and craigslist, and apply for at least one job I find there.
  • Make my work environment more workable, by closing at least seven of the nine browser windows I have open, and all but at most twelve of the roughly 200 tabs I have open, taking notes or bookmarking as needed.
  • Exercise!
I also have some more routine things to do today, of the sort I don't need prompting to remember (grocery shopping; pick up my mail at the UPS Store). Plus evening plans I don't really need to detail here. It should be a full day.
Tags: todo
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