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today's todo progress

  • Contacted a temp agency, and I have an interview first thing tomorrow.
  • Turns out there isn't a Weds. Downtown Crossing WIND meeting anymore. Nor any meetings closer than Watertown - the next one of which is on my calendar.
  • Insufficient progress on learning Omnifocus; calling this one a fail.
  • Applied for an IT manager job a recruiter posted on Fingers crossed!
  • Made a significant dent in my open browser windows and tabs, but not as extreme as I set out to. Which is probably a good thing: I now have four windows; the tabs in each window are all on the same theme:
    • Active current projects
    • Current shopping projects
    • Job Hunting
    • Personal
    I think this is potentially a really sensible scheme, and I'm going to try to maintain it til I actually decide otherwise. No drifting back into a dozen windows, each with a bunch of arbitrary tabs.
  • Got in a good walk, long and vigorous enough to count toward my exercise goals. And three shorter walks that got me good and winded.

Over all, a good day.
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