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todos progress 2011-05-26

Yay! I got everything on this morning's todo list done! The first of what I intend will be many such days!

The temp agency job interview went, I think, quite well. I was comfortable and at ease, and clearly made a good impression on all three interviewers. I told them that the main thing I'm looking for, initially, is something to get me back into the swing of going to an office for regular working hours five days a week, after five years of working out of a home office. And I left feeling like they'll come up with a way to provide me with that in fairly short order.

Not on the list, but should have been, was to exercise. Which I did.

This post is going out about an hour (I think) earlier than the past few days'. The neighborhood birds woke me up at 5:20 this morning. I wasted about 40 minutes trying to fight the inevitable, so only got up at 6:00. Thing is, I like early mornings. And now I'm dog tired. So I'm going to take a shot at getting to bed by 11:00, with the intention of getting up by 5:30. Emacs says sunrise is at 5:15, so hopefully the birds won't burst into song too much earlier.
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