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maunderings of a meandering mind
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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

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Apartment Seeking. Still.
I'm starting to get seriously stressed that I haven't found a new place. I have my current place through August, but was really hoping to find a new place for Aug. 1, so I could have some overlap. At this point, I'm seriously considering looking at a place that just came on the market today --- and isn't available til Sept. 15. Which would be a serious pain in the ass, logistically.

So far I'm running 50% yes (one for two) on places where I've asked the rental agent to check with the landlord about whether I could put a bike shed in my parking spot instead of a car. The 'yes' unfortunately was a place I decided to pass on for other reasons. (That was two weeks ago; today I'd totally suck it up and take the place.)

Jury's still out on a third such. The apartment isn't actually terrible — it's a "Garden Apartment" but no sign that it gets damp, and the floor's roughly at ground level on one side. Still, I'm not quite desperate enough yet to take it regardless, and then try to find someplace nearby to rent parking for the trike. (And if I've learned nothing else since moving out of proven's, it's that having easy in-and-out sheltered parking for the trike is essential if I'm going to actually use the damned thing.)

(My experiment with posters, discussed last time I posted about this, proved only one thing: There are people who will tear down hand-made posters, even ones that say quite clearly when the poster plans to remove them. Some of whom will then litter. (None of the ten I put up was still there a week later; I found two crumpled in nearby weeds.)

On the off chance anyone knows anyone with a mother-in-law apartment they want to rent, especially if it's near the Minuteman, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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