January 4th, 2019


Feeling Good. For real. Or only a little tentatively, anyway.

I continue to lose weight — and continue to be astounded. Two weeks ago I finally decided it was real and I wasn't really at risk of embarrassing myself half to death by posting about it and then gaining half of it back the next week. Last week I was down another 1.8 kg. Which I decided not to post about it because I know better than to get too excited about movement either direction over any one week. Today I'm down another 1.2 kg.

-15 kg in 12 weeks: I think that counts as a trend.

Today I weigh 130 kg. Hardly healthy — but the least I've weighed since 2011, maybe two years into what I now know would turn out be roughly a decade of backsliding from my post-stroke weight loss.

It continues to mystify me, to feel in some ways more like something that's happening to me than something I'm doing: I don't feel deprived; I'm not struggling with temptation or giving any thought at all to portion control or any of the other apparatus of dieting. But at this point I think it's reasonable to say I've turned a corner. And okay to feel good about it.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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