Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Serendipity/Google brings warm fantasies of sea breezes

I was reading yesterday's New Yorker over lunch, and an article mentioned Bridge on the RIver Kwai in a way that made me wonder wasn't perhaps older than I thought it was. If I'd been in front of a computer, I'd have typed "Bridge on the River Kwai" into google. But what I had to hand was my iPhone, where text entry is a serious pain in the ass. So I googled kwai. And while the first hit answered my question (it was, indeed, released about five years before I thought), it was the second hit that really caught my eye:
Sailing Vessel Kwai<br />The vessel KWAI currently operates delivering cargo to the following Islands in the South Pacific: Line Islands: Kiritimati ...

What a lovely idea — a sailing ship, in the 21st Century, serving the unmet cargo transportation needs of some of the remotest places on Earth. A little further googling and reading showed me that not only are they doing it, they're making a viable business of it. More power to them!
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