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Not the American way

Can't sleep. I keep thinking about the "Bush Doctrine".

This is not the American way.

This is not the American way. America doesn't start fights. America doesn't fire the first shot. America stands strong and ready, and makes it clear that attacking us is not a good plan. But we don't strike the first blow.

Our most aggressive modern President, Theodore Roosevelt, said "walk softly and carry a big stick." Of course, President Roosevelt knew what it was like to be shot at on the battlefield, unlike the chicken hawks in Washington who are so anxious to send other people off to fight and die.

There may be legitimate reasons to attack Iraq. Their refusal to comply with the terms of their surrender at the end of the Gulf War certainly demands a more concrete response than the handwringing and hot air the UN has come up with to date.

But Iraq is a special case. Dealing with Iraq does not require us to reverse 230 years of American policy.

The Bush Doctrine would make America no better then the schoolyard bully who beats up anyone whose face he doesn't like.

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