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Borrow a textbook?

I don't suppose I know someone who has a copy of Finite Mathematics with Applications (9th Edition) by Lail, Greenwell and Ritchey (which is not the same as Finite Mathematics with Applications (9th Edition) by Lail, Hungerford, and Holcomb) they could lend me for a week or so? It astounds me how the textbook pricing conspiracy continues to march along, in spite of the general price-leveling effect of the Internet. The BHCC bookstore only has the text new, and bundled with the solutions manual  — for $168 IIRC. I initially failed to find the book alone (unbundled) on Amazon (which is how I found out Lial is the lead author of two textbooks entitled Finite Mathematics with Applications (9th Edition)). But I did find the bundle, including a used copy for $100 from an Amazon seller who claims to have only opened it once. And having looked at another student's copy of the solution manual yesterday, I think it would actually be useful: It has problems fully worked out, which is the best possible thing for me to see when I'm not getting it. So after some hemming and hawing (and discovering that thae good used copy Powells was listing is in a remote warehouse and wouldn't ship til next week), I went ahead and ordered that used copy of the bundle:
Delivery Estimate: September 20, 2011 - October 5, 2011
I can get by fine without it this week. There's no graded homework in the class; this week's assignment is self-study of the review chapter. I checked with the professor last night, and I should be able to do that fine by reviewing any algebra text that covers up through the quadratic formula. And if it hasn't arrived by Mon. evening, I can probably arrange to borrow it for a day or so next week from another student. But I was a little shocked to realize the far end of Amazon's time window is after the fourth class. So I figured I'd ask here too, on the off chance.
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