Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

electronics diagnostics/repair help?

I have a firewire RAID array that my Macs have stopped seeing. The RAID is fine, according to the front panel, and the Macs' consoles show nothing when I connect the cable. (Yes, I've tried multiple cables, and yes, I've confirmed that the cables work with other devices.)

The array's firewire connectors have always felt a bit insecure to me, and what I suspect has happened is that signal is not getting from the RAID's motherboard to the connectors. I do not have the tools to test this, nor am I sure what I would do if I did have the tools, aside from look at stuff under a magnifying glass to figure out where I think there's supposed to be a connection, and test with a continuity tester.

Do I know anyone with the tools, the knowledge, and interest to help me diagnose (and preferably repair) this?
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