Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Printer Repair?

My printer (Xerox Phaser 6120) has stopped booting in a way that seems odd to me but that I suspect would look ordinary to someone who worked with them a lot: When I power cycle it, it seems to go through its normal boot routine - but never gets to the step of printing its configuration page. Instead, it goes into power save mode, and is not visible to my Mac either via ethernet or via usb. I can wake it with the front panel controls - but can't seem to get it to actually do anything with them.

So I'm looking for a printer repair company, and wondering if anyone here knows of a good one. There used to be quite a few, several of them decent: last time I looked into this, close to ten years ago, I was putting a printer support contract out to bid for a company with about 20 printers, and IIRC had no trouble getting three good bids. But the company that won the contract appears to no longer exist, and I don't remember the names of any of the other bidders — and none of the top ten Google hits on Boston printer repair rings a bell.

(Of those ten Google hits, the most promising looks to be in Brookline. That link is an HP-specific page, but the company appears to have been around a while (domain registered in 1995), which has some appeal. Still, that's not much to go on, so if anyone knows anything about them in particular, I'd appreciate hearing from you.)
Tags: geek
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