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Nerdy day - IAP Python

One thing I've been doing this week (and forgetting to talk about here) is going to some SIPB IAP classes. Which I do pretty much every year, partly because I like to see how the current crop are doing at my old job, and partly because I don't really program enough that a good introductory class won't teach me something useful. Tonight's revelation was enumerators in Python. I bet I can find a couple hundred variants of for k in range(len(l)): just grepping through my personal CVS repository — any of which I still use, I can now re-write more cleanly!

I generally resist the temptation to talk about my assessments of SIPB IAP instructors (and especially the temptation to pass them on to the current IAP suckers: I feel like it would cross the line between being helpful kruft and being a prick). But I have no hesitation in saying that I think the kid who's teaching the Python class is doing a fine job. I can highly recommend the remaining two sessions (next week) to anyone who has the very basics of Python (or a sound grounding in any language) and wants to learn more.
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