Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

A yak not shaved

I've been taking Philip Greenspun's Three-day database class this week,where they have everyone install virtualbox and download a VM preloaded with the tools we're using. Which is a fine idea, but I've found it annoying as all hell in a handful of ways, all of which basically come down to familiar things not working in quite the way I expect. (The integration with MacOS is poor: virtual box steals apple-tab and the claimed clipboard integration doesn't work. And X11 copy-paste doesn't work in the VM's desktop.)

All of which would be easily worked around if I could ssh into the VM from the Mac. Talking to one of the class TAs (confirmed by a little Googling) tells me that adding a "Host Only" network interface (or changing the existing one to that type) should make that possible. But when I try, Virtualbox's GUI gives me a not-useful error message and leaves the "OK" button greyed out.

So I got out my Yak razor and created a fresh VM. And got the same behaviour when I it up with a host-only interface. At which point I considered looking for the I'm-sure-it's-here-somewhere command-line interface, which would presumably give me a better error message.

And then I dropped my razor and backed away from the Yak, leaving behind the tiniest of bald patches.
Tags: geek
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