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Sitting here, doing five other things, but watching with half an eye as tcpdump tells me the newly-installed DHCP server on my Ubuntu box is getting requests from my MBP, but not replying. And I suddenly remember one of the very first seriously hackish things I did: installing a Sun3 motherboard in a 4/260 chassis (along with the 4-260's own half-dozen or so VME boards), so as to turn the Sun3 into an X-terminal, giving us a second head on the 4/260. Hardly bleeding-edge computer recycling even in 1995 (though, remarkably, Google finds a 2008 discussion of the same hack).

The DHCP packets appear on my terminal window, one of almost a dozen I have open, sprawling over the remarkably cheap four-and-a-half megapixels of display in front of me, so rapidly I'm only really sure it's changed by comparing the timestamp to my menubar clock. Yet it is somehow fundamentally the same thing as the BOOTP messages scrolling by at stately pace on the Sun3's CRT all those years ago. Exactly the same thing. And at the same time, entirely different.
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