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You'll want the fried, then.

I was at my favorite Middle-Eastern restaurant, Sepal in Watertown, picking up some takeout tonight. The man at the counter was a 50-ish Middle-Eastern man with what I suppose I'd call a medium accent — heavy enough I had to pay attention, not so heavy I had to ask him to repeat himself. While I was putting my change back in my wallet, the guy next to me placed his take out order:

"... and an order of falafel — do you recommend baked or fried?"

Without missing a beat, the man at the counter says "How's your cholesterol?"

I smiled appreciatively at the man behind the counter. The guy placing the order ... seemed to fail to notice the humor, or that he could derive what he wanted to order from the question. After a brief pause: "Mine's fine, but it's for my wife. I guess hers is good too."

"You'll want the fried, then."

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