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New Job, day 2

I of course intended to post about my first day on my new job. But I had a bunch of errands to run after work last night, and by the time I got home & had dinner, all I could think of was bed. It was a good first day. It occurred to me last nigh that, because of all the years I worked as a temp, even though this is only maybe my fifth real job, I've had maybe 100 first days. A first day on a temp job is a different proposition, of course: you've probably never met any of your co-workers before, there's no HR briefing, and you're generally expected to start being productive within an hour of stepping through the door. Nevertheless, I suspect that experience helped a lot yesterday. Introducing myself to people; finding my way around the supply room and the kitchen; parsing the company's unstated dress code; setting my computer up to the point where I could start actually doing something other than setting it up — all as comfortable as an old shoe.

There is, of course, an order of magnitude or so more to learn than there ever was on any temp job. Nonetheless, I actually did some productive work toward the end of the day today, and expect to do rather a bit more tomorrow. Over all, I feel like it's off to a fine start.
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