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Kneeling Chair?

Does anyone have a kneeling chair you like, or know a brand/model of them that's solid and well-made? In my new job, I spend easily 90% of my working time sitting at my desk using the computer. But isn't that basically what your primary job has been for 20-odd years?, you say. True enough — but it's usually been more like 75% of my working hours, with the rest occupied by crawling around under desks, working in the network room, fabricating stuff in the machine shop, or even just sitting in a different chair in a different posture at meetings.

I remembered just now, as I was getting up to stretch just for the sake of not sitting in my desk chair for a few minutes, that the last time I was doing work this sitting-at-my-computer-intensive, I found a kneeling chair that some co-worker had abandoned, and kept it in my cubicle, switching back and forth between it and my sitting-down chair whenever I felt the need for variety. I'm thinking I could do worse than to replicate that.

But I do want to be sure of getting a sturdy one. I don't remember whether it was the one I had at that job or not, but I did once have a kneeling chair collapse under me. Which, while a less bad experience than having a normal chair collapse under me, is not an experience I'd care to repeat....
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