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New net.home

I've been on Dreamwidth since the beta days, for some very loose value of on. But I've now decided, after 10+ years on LJ, to make DW my net.home. Partly because there are people on the DW tech team I know and trust personally, partly because cross-posting is now clearly stable and reliable, and partly because on DW, I have my preferred username.

So, as of now, I'm blogging on DW with automatic cross-posting to LJ. Those of you who who are in both places, my intent is to friend you here and, once I've done that, to unfriend you on LJ so you won't see all my posts twice. So if you'd prefer I not to that, please let me know.

I will continue to read my LJ friends page at least as often as I do now, so there is no sense in which this should cause me to lose touch with anyone.
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