Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Share a zipvan / Ikea run?

I want to get something at Ikea that won't fit in my car, and that I could really use a little help with. Seems likely I know someone who'd be interested in taking the other end of the obvious deal. So: anybody want to split a zipvan for an Ikea run sometime in the next week or two? I can only take one person (only one passenger seat in a zipvan), though of course there's no reason for more people not to drive their own car down to Stoughton and join in the cargo-hauling-share. Your cost would be half the zipcar fee ($17/hr, or $120 for an entire day), plus I'd want you to help with the bulky item I'm getting (and would of course help you with any big items you're getting). I would prefer to do it on a weekday, just for the sake of avoiding the weekend crush. But I realize not everyone's work schedule is as flexible as mine, and will roleplay accordingly.

So, anyone interested?

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