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Nothing like terrorists blowing people up just a couple miles away, including at least one small child, to give a guy perspective. I hope you and yours are alright. (I doubt this is news to anyone who cares, but on the off chance it is: About the first thing I did when I learned the news was ask on -c thetans whether everyone was home safe. They were.)

I spent much of the day either writing (or working, in order to distract myself from writing) a tear-fueled, angst-ridden post about the state of my life. I will get back to that at some point, because the past two months of not posting and trying to bury my troubles in work have not been good for me, and I really do need to be talking with my friends about this stuff. But right now, we all have bigger concerns.

I have no point here, save to let anyone who cares know that I was nowhere near. I still haven't heard from everyone I care about, but neither do I have any reason to believe any of them were at the Marathon.

I'm aghast, of course, and furious without having any idea whom to be furious at. This makes me especially angry at the usual inanities of the news media. I don't know how many times, before I gave up listening, some damned fool or other on 'BUR asked, in some form, "Was this an act of terrorism?"

Seriously? Under what conceivable definition does setting off bombs and blowing up children in the midst of a crowd of civilians enjoying a spring afternoon fail to qualify as terrorism?
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