Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Billy Bookcases - free to good home

I have somewhere between five and eight* Ikea 'Billy' bookcases, white, roughly 6'6" high by 2' wide (200 x 60 cm is, I suspect, the actual dimensions). I need to get them out of my storage, and the sooner the better.

There are two complicating factors: one trivial; the other capible of being rendered trivial by the application of a pick-up or full-size van to the problem.
  1. I have all the shelves, but I do not know where the shelf-pins are. These are easily acquired from Ikea.
  2. Billy assembly instructions, as all Ikea instructions I've seen, imply that you can disassemble them for flat packing. When I assembled mine, I chose to supplement the assembly instructions by applying glue to the joints. This means the two sides, the back, and the top, bottom, and center shelves of each of my Billy bookcases is a permanent assembly. I believe this renders them sturdier in use. I am certain it renders them more annoying to move and store.

If interested, please comment here or send me email.

I would rather see these go to a friend or member of my extended community. But if I still have them by May 1, it will be freecycle/craigslist/curb time.

* How can I not know how many? They are standing in a back corner of one of my storage lockers, apparently two wide by four deep. But I am not certain that the three I can't see aren't in fact something else, taking up that same corner space.
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