Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Apartment Seeking

As some of you know, I'm moving this summer. I'd really like to find a place on the bike path, most likely near Park Street (so that on non-cycling days I'd be starting from the end of the bus line, hence able to get a seat). Which is certainly not to say I'd be averse to a place that meets the rest of my requirements somewhere else along the Minuteman.

At any rate, I plan to put a poster up in the appropriate area (almost certainly also posting its text to craigslist, sans personal info). Before I do so, I thought I'd run it by you good people. Any thoughts?

(Note that I intend to put a footer on it saying when it was put up, and the date I plan to take it down. That sort of thing seems to me basic good citizenship when putting up private messages on public property. Which I realize makes me weird.)
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