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I'm so delighted I just have to share this right now. I've just paused about ... well, exactly 11:25 into last Sunday's episode of BBC Radio 4's Open Book. Which is to say, about a third of the way into a half-hour conversation in which the host and her guest seem to be, it is only somewhat hyperbolic to say, taking turns making one-another squee. The host is  — Mariella Frostrup, who I'd never heard of before but will definitely be looking for in the future: She's a fantastic interviewer with what may well be the best voice for radio I've ever heard. And her guest, who is clearly having a ball, is Neil Gaiman.

And now, I go back to listening. :)

Edit: Pausing again, less than three minutes later, to squee about having just heard the story of how one of you got your name. Is there an emoticon for shit-eating grin?
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