Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

cold caffeinated beverages: an attractive nuisance

To a first approximation, I never drink iced coffee, however bad the weather. It's not a rule; I just like hot coffee better, and the hot-drink-in-hot-weather thing barely even registers on my personal annoy-o-meter in comparison to the OMG-need-coffee thing.

I do, however, like what I think of as coffee-milk --- by which I mean milk mixed about 4:1 with cold-brew coffee. I rarely have it, because I don't like it that much more than my usual, and it's an entire glass of milk's worth of extra calories. I am in fact pretty sure that the coffee-milk I just had was literally the first time I've done that in years.

Said coffee-milk was my second cup of coffee this morning. Where cup ≈ 400 ml. Which I slammed back in something less than five minutes after finishing my first cup of coffee. And was on my way to the kitchen to make another when I felt my heart start making like Feynman.

So I sat back down and started writing to y'all. And now have another reason to be leery of the coffee-milk: it just makes it way too easy to take in way too much caffeine. Also, yet another reason to be glad I never developed the soda (pop, coke, whatever) habit.
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