Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Emergency moving help

Edit: Never mind!

I have to have everything out of the old apartment no later than
8:00 a.m. Weds. The good news: there's almost nothing left. The
bad news: my moving help for tomorrow afternoon just fell through.

I'll pay $25/hr cash, and will pay for no less than 4 hours --- I
expect it to take < 3. Nothing really heavy; mostly a matter of
carrying boxes down stairs; I'd do it myself if my knee weren't
already giving me grief.

I have already disconnected the Internet at home. So, without
actually exposing my call phone number to spambots: My area
code is what you'd expect it to be for someone who's had the
same Boston-area number since last century; the other 7 digits
are 901 6954.

Feel free to call as long as this message is still live. If
I'm sleeping, I'll turn the ringer off.
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