Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Car Detailing?

I want to sell my car. First, though, I would like to get it spotlessly clean, inside and out. My preferred way of doing this would be to buy some cleaning supplies and hire an ambitious and meticulous young person* who thinks $100 cash (plus lunch) in exchange for a few hours of their weekend sounds like a win. If you know of (or are) such a person, please drop me email.

Barring that, if anyone knows of a place to get a car thoroughly cleaned that does a good job, doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and won't sneer behind my back about my Nissan Versa, I'd appreciate a pointer.

Thanks in advance!

* Or possibly two of them who want to split the job and do it together. When I was 15, my girlfriend and I did a few of these sorts of gigs together, and it was a blast.
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