Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Fighting Entropy at Home: First in a Series

I don't think I got around yet to saying that I finished moving. I did. End of September. I, and all my stuff, are living together under one roof for the first time since 2004. This is a good thing, but — damn I have a lot of crap. (Or: I finally got my shit together. I just can't lift it.)

Organizing and culling are an ongoing process. The last few times I've moved have been enormously stressful, largely because of how disorganized my relationship with the material world is. A big part of my motivation for getting a place this big was to get everything together, someplace where I couldn't ignore it, and then go through it. Everything together: check! Going through it is going to take a while.

The plan is vague, but with one rigid component: A daily dose of organizing. Thus far, that has been an hour, every day.. At some point this winter that will produce
  1. a basement where the boxes are at least stacked neatly enough that I'm not worried about avalanches.
  2. a living area I'm willing to invite people to brunch in.
I am of course much more motivated by #2 — which is why I put them in that order. In addition, it turns out that, because I wasn't sufficiently attentive to what my movers were doing in the basement, I have to make at least some progress on #1 before I can turn on the heat. Which is on the verge of mattering. (It's 2C outside as I write this.)

The main frustration so far is, unsurprisingly, I need a foo to do bar. I know I own a foo. I'm damned if I'm going to buy another foo just to do bar. Punt bar, or find my foo?. I had a bit of luck a couple days ago: I needed a 3/4" socket-wrench to assemble a piece of furniture for the livingroom. I've managed to keep a small collection of tools — small enough to conveniently carry — close to hand and reasonably well organized over the past several years of apartment living. Tools sufficient to the sorts of small tasks I was likely to be doing. My socket set is not part of that tool kit.

I had noticed my socket set go by during the move, so I knew it was at least not buried in a box. So I went to the basement hoping to catch a glimpse of blue plastic somewhere in one of the stacks. I didn't — but I did notice my typewriter, sitting not very far down a mid-sized stack. I recently discovered the existence of Cambridge Typewriter.* I went in a few weeks ago, talked to the owner about my dust-laden Selectric, and decided they would get my busniess when the typewriter turned up. So I decided to extract it from the stack. And what do you suppose it was sitting on top of? My socket set, tucked into the top of a mostly-full box, such that I would never have seen it edge-on.

(Of course, Murphy being Murphy, the 3/4" socket was one of the two that have gone missing. This gave me a reason to go out to The Tool Shed in Waltham (a fantastic place, for anyone local who's not familiar with it). So I arranged to take Tuesday off work, planning a stop at the Tool Shed as the second in a series of errands, all of which could be done in that neck of the woods.Naturally, not having been there in quite a while, I'd forgotten about the weird hours, which are something like 1-4 pm, WRFS. So ended up heading into work around noon on Tuesday, arranging to take Wednesday off instead, and getting my errands done then. @Miss-Emily-Litella{It's always something!}

At any rate, I'm taking today off work and focusing on the basement. The two goals are to end the day with a clear path to the furnace, and a clear path to the breaker box. Wish me luck!

* They were, for many years, on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter. So I'm willing to let the fact that Cambridge Typewriter is in Arlington go without rolling my eyes.
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