Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Dance + Awesome!

A few months ago I stumbled onto the amazing Lindsey Stirling, sometimes called The Dancing Violinist. And have continually failed ever since to tell you guys about her. I kept imagining myself writing a thoughtful but brief introduction to Lindsey that would, through the sheer power of my prose, prompt even those of my friends who never watch internet videos to click and be amazed.

Just now, I stumbled onto another artist who combines dance with an unexpected other art — it would be a spoiler to tell you which, but I will tell you that one judge, who appears to be cast as the Chinese equivalent of Simon Cowell, started with his face set in an expression I can best describe as bore me and get it over with already was wide-eyed soon thereafter.

Having learned my lesson, I am not going to delay sharing my new discovery. Instead, I ask you to trust my judgement. Watch these videos: you will not be disappointed.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, all the way from the People's Republic of China, Ms Ma Yan Yan!

And now, from Provo, Utah, Ms Lindsey Stirling!

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