Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Random observation of the day: Collar Stays

I rarely wear dress shirts anymore, and presently have two, one pointed-collar, one button down. I wore the pointed-collar shirt for an all-day job interview two weeks ago. At the time, between thinking both interviews I had that week had gone quite well and the whole broken foot thing, I just tossed the shirt in the laundry basket.

Now, though, I've gotten bad news from both those companies, so clearly need to put getting it cleaned and pressed on the front burner. And I have a doctor's appointment today, and given what a pain leaving the house is, may as well combine errands. So I grabbed the shirt from the laundry basket to drop off while I'm out. So pulled its collar stays and found the little box I keep them in. And felt compelled to count them.

I have one shirt in which to use collar stays; it takes 2+13/16-inch stays. And I have seventeen collar stays (yes, really, seventeen) ranging in length from two to three inches.

Which leaves me wondering how the hell many years I've been trying to remember to toss collar-stays into this box when I launder a pointed-collar dress shirt?

Also, when were 2-inch collars a thing?
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