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Fifteen years ago, on my first ever trip outside North America, I stayed with friends in London and tried to take in the normal life of that great city, as well as some of the iconic destinations. Of course, it being London, many of those things are one and the same: as, for instance, the Saturday when my friends Liz & Eric took me to the Portabello Road Market. Which was fantastic. One of the neighborhood shops I went into that day was the (as I learned years later) world famous Spice Shop. Where I bought a jar of honey that was a lemony color like nothing I'd ever seen, and tasted like ambrosia. I wish I'd kept the jar, or at least photographed it (this was well before ubiquitous digital cameras), but I seem to recall that what it said was Pure Sunflower Honey From Lancastershire Bees. On every subsequent trip to London, I've stopped by The Spice Shop to see if they had more; on at least two occasions I've asked the owner about it. All the honey I've had since has been disappointing.

Until now. I recently picked up a jar of Heavenly Organics "Wild Forest" Neem Honey, from India. I wish I could compare the two side-by-side, but subjectively, this is certainly the best honey I've had in more than a dozen years. (I was going to link to their web site, but that was before I looked at it myself. They're not actually claiming it has magical medical benefits — i.e. not in the same league as homeopathy or chiropracty — or I'd have felt compelled to delete this without posting. But (even though I expect I'll buy more when this runs out) I can't in good conscience actually link to them.
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