Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Quick check-in; text editor wanking

First week on the new job was great. My brain overfloweth. I came on on Sunday (on my own, nobody asked) to get some focused time. Cutting out a bit early today because I'm under the weather. Wanted to check in with y'all first.

In the it's always something department: One of the first things I do on any new system — has been for at least a dozen years — is install mg, a tiny terminal-based emacs.* Discovered while setting up my new machine at work that the canonical repository (as polled by homebrew) has fallen off the web. A little more searching, including groveling my personal CVS repository for the URL I used to download the source from when I built it by hand BITD, has not as yet helped. But then, I've been trying not to get sucked down a rathole by this, and just using emacs -nw instead. But it's kind of disorienting (not least because
mg <filename>
is a deeply engrained finger-macro). If anyone is also a fan of mg and has some clues, or maybe a fan of some other terminal-based emacs, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
The URL I linked mg to is (mostly historically) informative, but doesn't seem to point anywhere actually useful for my purposes.
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