Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Project for Awesome

Taking a brief
This year's Project for Awesome is beginning its seventh hour as I write this. Which gives me opportunity to simultaneously move forward on my plan to post about some of the amazing things I've been meaning to post about but haven't gotten around to — and to take a detour from that plan at the same time. An opportunity, because one of the things I intend to write a post about is the founders of P4A. And a detour because this is not that post.

Project for Awesome is a, well, awesome undertaking. Today (til noon EST Saturday), the first $500k will be matched a deep pockets donor, and those funds will be split between Partners in Health and Save the Children, two organizations that do real good, on the ground, for real people. This is about as effective a way of spending my charity dollars as I could imagine. So I just made a (on my budget) hefty donation to P4A. Please join me.
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