Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Cambridge Athletic Club?

Is anyone a Cambridge Athletic Club member? Or maybe more to the point, a former member? All of the horror stories I've heard about gyms involved trying to quit. (And indeed, I have one of those myself.) experience agrees. with gyms has been that their sleazy side really comes out when you try to quit. Their 600 Tech Square location is the closest gym to my office, which is their obvious immediate appeal. But they're also small, with just three locations — which feeds into a prejudice of mine, but one which has proven to be well-founded. In addition, all three of their locations are in the MIT/Lechmere Tech cluster, suggesting that they cater to customers like me. But once bitten twice shy, so I want to check whether anyone I know personally has anything to say about them. (There's another gym in the same building, but it's just been acquired by Boston Sports Clubs, with which I've done business in the past and don't plan to again.)
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