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Back from my eye surgery, which I'm told went well. I expect to continue to have a pretty blurry view of the world for another couple of hours, but if nothing my stress levels are way down now as compared to the past several weeks.

I'm at the office currently. Work is much closer to MEEI than home, so I came in this morning, worked a little (installed a new HD in a MacBook), and took an Uber to MEEI. Now I'm installing MacOS on the machine that got the new HD, which doesn't require a lot of focus. And thinking as coherently as I can without reading and writing about things I want to suggest or open discussions of at work. (Well, without reading. Engaging in this kind of thinking without jotting some notes would be close to pointless. Glad I'm a good enough typist that I can be fairly sure I'm writing English even if I can't proofread as I go.)

And of course now killing time writing this LJ post.

I had hoped the dilation would wear off before — well, before now, so I could avoid both rush-hour and driving after dark. (Night driving should be far better now, but I was hoping to avoid performing testing that today.)

(Ah — problem solved. Co-worker who's also an old friend and who walks to work is happy to drive me home.)

I know this is disjointed. I wonder if it's so disjointed as to be incoherent. Guess I'll post it and find out later.
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