Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

I can see clearly now

The blurryness wore off at some point Monday night. The real test will come tonight, when I'll be driving after dark (which I had no occasion to do yesterday), but so far my subjective sense is that I'm reading more clearly and with less visual-field distraction than I have for at least the past year. (I'm having some floaters — which is to be expected until my body disposes of the dead tissue the doctor burned off. But even with those, I feel like there's less distraction going on in my visual field.)

I'm on steroid eyedrops, and will be for the next few days. Every time I take them I find myself humming the Skeleton Song and wishing some premed would come up with a set of filk lyrics —
The eyball's connected to the tear duct;
The tear-duct's connected to the ....
So I could have relevant lyrics to run through my head for the fifteen minutes of sneezing and snuffling to follow, culminating in the acrid taste in the back of my throat....

(Though it occurs to me it could be worse: Some genius could decide to "fix" the nasty aftertaste by making the eyedrops "cherry" flavored...) ;^)
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