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Loving my job

Have I mentioned that I love my new job? I think I in fact may not have.

Well, I do.

I was just getting ready to leave about fifteen minutes ago, when I heard my VP and a business-side co-worker having a frustrated conversation. A frustrated conversation I was pretty sure I recognized the gist of, from having heard hundreds of conversations like it over the years. One of those conversations people have when Microsoft has once again led them down the garden path — straight into an ambush.

I wandered over and made sure I understood exactly what they were trying to do. And then we essentially did

Doctor, it hurts when I do this!"

Don't do that!
And I got at least a chuckle out of everyone. And now I get to them find a way to do that task that doesn't hurt. Or at least, doesn't hurt as much. And I get to go home feeling genuinely useful.

I like that feeling. And I've been getting it a lot more here than ... well, certainly than at my last job.

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