Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

A1 or A2 graph paper?

Years ago I had a job that came with an old-school desk complete with blotter. The blotter in this case was pad 44x34 quarter-inch graph paper. I really quite liked having that to jot quick notes to myself on, and have for some reason especially found myself wanting something like it in this job.

I have, in the intervening years, developed a bit of a fetish for things metric. I found an A3 graph pad on Amazon (which turned out to be drop-shipped from Japan, but with free shipping, so ... whatever). Which has been sufficient to the task, and is presently covered with my notes — but is really too small. A2 is probably also smaller than I want — but, I suspect, more likely to be available. A1 would be ideal; A0 would be bigger than my desk, but I'd cope.

So that I found myself Googling again the other day. Which led to the discovery that, in some parts of the English-speaking world, A2 "jotter" pads are a thing. But not, that I could readily find, retailed in anything other than plain white paper. And then I found myself looking at the website of a wholesaler in New Zealand, going So if I ordered 1000 custom-printed, how many other weirdos like me would I have to find to break even....?

At which point I was, like, Okay, I need to stop chasing this chimera. But maybe if I ask the Internet....

So here I am. I suspect there exist places in the world (perhaps even most of them) where one can walk into a stationery store near any university and walk out with an A1 graph pad. If that describes your local stationery store, I'd love to hear about it....

Edit: I seem to have understated my metric fetish above. I am well aware that I could get large-format Imperial graph paper in any of a number of places, both local and online. I may even buy some when my A3 pad runs low. But in the mean time, I'm looking for a rather specific sort of nerdy fulfillment for my materialist desires.
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