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Ten years of not being dead

July 24 will mark 10 years since my stroke. I said back around my birthday that I wanted to do something to mark this anniversary. I've been kind of mood-challenged lately, and haven't felt like making a plan. But I want to announce ... something. And I just realized that the 24th is a Friday, and ... well, that way lies misery. So: Thursday July 23, 18:30, somewhere in the Central-Kendall vicinity, I will be doing ... something. If you would like to join me, please email me at MIT. If you don't know my MIT address, try <username> AT

There is very little in my life that I regret doing. But quite a lot that I regret not doing. Those are all things I considered doing. Things I made plans for doing. Things depression sapped my will to do. Once I noticed that pattern, I made a conscious decision to fight it. So: I am not going to let this go by the wayside. No matter how sure I am that nobody gives a fuck.

The alphabet, at least, is my friend. I start typing depressed in LJ's mood box, and the next word on the list that pops up is determined. Yes. That's me all over.
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