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I love my friends!

I just want to say I had a lovely time last night, seeing people I hadn't seen in years. By the end of the evening, I was remembering aloud a number of truths that are so terribly hard to remember when the clouds are upon me. That isolating myself when I am most in need, not only am I doing myself no good, I am also doing a disservice to my friends: When the devil on my right shoulder says Don't impose on your friends — they'll reject you! I am slandering my friends in my mind. You always do your best when a friend is in a bind. But when the tables are turned? What an ignoble lot you must imagine your friends to be. I am blessed with friends who are both brilliant and kind. Whose company renews me. And have demonstrated repeatedly — no matter how much I may doubt it in my darker moments — that
They like me. They really like me.
Stay tuned for a Sept. get-together plan. And for more frequent updates, no matter how little time I may think I have to write. And even (as, for instance, seems likely for my next post) the occasional asking-for-help with something.
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