Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Tool help: Arbor Press?

In my post on Friday, I said something to the effect that I was likely to be looking for help from y'all soon. It turns out that the particular thing I had in mind is probably moot.* But I was reminded today of a back-burner project for which I need an arbor press or something of that ilk. So, if anyone has one, and would be willing to either lend it to me sometime or let me come over and use it for a few hours, I'd appreciate it.

* I need to divorce an office chair from its base, in such a manner that they can be reunited. In spite of over 25 years on the 'net, I still tend to think of this sort of problem in isolation — to ask how can I do this and turn to my imagination and knowledge of tools, without thinking to ask how do other people solve this? and turning to Google. Not that the first approach is a bad thing: I have plenty of experience coming up with better solutions than any of the stock ones. But I mustn't forget the other. Especially when the best thing I can come up with feels annoying and unsatisfactory. In this case, the best my imagination could do with my ignorance was to imagine pulling them apart. So I was going to try to borrow a come-along.

Fortunately, a few minutes with the Internet revealed that there is a far easier way, with tools I have on hand.

(The project for which I'm looking to borrow an arbor press, however.... Well, suffice it to say that an arbor press is the tool the manufacturer recommends, and that I've pursued a number of — let's call them imaginative approaches — en route to deciding to just do what the instructions say.)
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