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I happened to be going by the Med Center today right around noon, and Goosebeary had no visible line. I hadn't been there for more than a year, maybe two: the founders sold the business a few years ago, and it just wasn't the same anymore. Not that it wasn't generally good under the new owners — but it sure wasn't consistently outstanding anymore either.

But since I was there, and it was lunch time, and the sky had apparently wrung itself out for the time being, I decided to give it a try for old-time's sake.

So I parked, and looked at the menu board to remind myself how things work under the new regime — and a basic chicken dish was $6.00!

When I first stumbled onto Goosebeary in the early '90s, it was $3.00. Three bucks for an amazingly tasty lunch: chicken cooked and/or slathered in some wonderfully tasty sauce, rice, and salad. All delivered out of this beat up old truck with such lightning speed that I could get in the back of the line, count off fifty or more people leaving with their meal by the time I got to the front — and as I was leaving with my food, could see that the person who'd been at the back of the maybe five-person line at the neighboring truck when I arrived was still waiting.

I feel like they kept that three-dollar price-point for most of the '90s. Certainly for long enough that I remember expressing my astonishment aloud to many people. When they did finally raise their prices, initially it was to $3.50. And that only for beef and pork: chicken and tofu were still $3.00.

And now it's double that. And, I have to say, for nowhere near as tasty a meal. The only constant is change, of course. But that doesn't keep me from being wistful for the past.
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