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I love my friends

I mean — damn! I love my friends!

I was at a little gathering this afternoon, maybe a dozen people. I gave two of them rides when I left. Not far, but I hadn't seen either of them in too long, and hadn't expected to see L on this coast at all. J got out first; L's destination was maybe eight or ten blocks later. When we got there, we sat by the curb talking for maybe five or ten minutes, catching up on what's going on in one-another's lives. And as I drove away, I was struck by just how happy I was. These simple human things: L's adventures in a new city; J's disaffection with the unsunny weather; E‑&‑D's new baby, resting in his mom's arms; A, who I'd never met before, and her bold toddler C — who gave me a chance to see that I have, in fact, internalized some of the social advances of the past few decades when she picked something up and I heard myself saying "My, what a strong little girl you are!"

'Tis of such moments that joy is made.

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