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Things proceed apace at rehab. Each day continues to be notably better than its predecessor. I remain mostly exhausted but unable to get good sleep. The professional medical staff continue to be between good and excellent. The nursing aides, who are far most likely to be who shows up when I buzz, are a consistently sad lot, ranging from terrible to so-so. Now, being a nursing aide is a thankless, underpaid job. But I've dealt with quite a few over the years, and all but the very worst were well above the average here. There's a part of me that would like to study the situation and try to figure out how they've arrived at this juncture. No-one in any other role here comes across as less than solidly competent. But this one group just consistently fail.

Not that I don't feel I'm generally getting good care. Just that, for some things I ought to be able to rely upon the Nursing Aides for, I have to either do them myself or micromanage them.

In more cheerful news, I had a quite pleasant surprise when the Chaplain dropped by. She introduced herself and asked if I wanted to talk.

"Depends. How serious are you about the whole God thing? Much past Unitarian and we probably don't..."

"UCC. Unitarian but flirting with the possibility of Jesus."

"So, you don't think you have an invisible friend in the sky. But don't dismiss the idea out of hand."

She laughed, and we spent the next hour having a deeply thoughtful conversation about the moral issues of life in the 21st Century.

Than conversation also served to remind me of how much I enjoy visitors in the hospital. I figure I'm going to be here at least another week, and anyone reading these words who would enjoy spending an hour hanging out would e moat welcome.
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