Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Ways to lose business

I was googling wheelchairs (more on that later) and landed on I found the information about their various models and how they classify them useless in the usual way of marketing websites, but then noticed a link that said "Wheelchairs Catalog." Which I found encouraging, because companies that are in the habit of producing paper catalogs (even if now they only offer it as a pdf) usually developed that habit in the era when companies put actually useful information in their catalogs. And those that have retained the catalog habit have often also retained the habit of making their catalogs informative.

So I clicked on the link. Which took me to a page with what appeared to be an image of a table of contents. An image with no clickable links. And below that image, a form to fill out, headed with the following:
Please fill out the form below to receive information regarding your inquiry. You can give us a call at 1-800-80-KARMA, or please bare[sic] with us while we reply to your inquiry

It was the "bare" that was the last straw. Though the lack of a period at the end of the sentence added a nail to the coffin. My discovery that the apparent image was in fact some sort of frame or javascript widget which, when I happened to hover over its upper-right corner revealed a button that, if pushed, opened the entire catalog in its own tab, apparently even including a proper download link, came too late. If you can't be bothered to engineer your website for basic usability, why should I imagine your products are well engineered?
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