Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Need help getting a package off my porch before the weather turns wet

The long post I've been working on summarizing the last two months is still in the works, as I'm still on too many drugs and in too much pain to do much concentrated writing.

So for now, a plea for help.

Sweettea, the friend who's been so incredibly helpful on getting my house ready for my eventual wheelchair-bound return home, had to go out of town suddenly on account of a family emergency. Which means I would very much like to find someone who would be willing and able to drag my new mattress in from the front porch before the weather tests the waterproofness of its packaging too much.

Note that I bought a Casper, which means that there is not a mattress-shaped package on my porch. The package will be roughly 4' x 2' x 2', and will weigh around 75 lbs.

If you can help me out on this, please email me at my MIT address. We'll need to arrange a time for you to come by my rehab and pick up a copy of my house key.

Thank you,

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