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I am being discharged tomorrow. I am not ready to go home. My home is not ready for me to be there. I had, until late Friday, thought the odds were pretty good that my caregivers would be able to get a few more days out of BCBS on the grounds that I am not yet ready to safely do things like transfer myself from bed to wheelchair (or wheelchair to commode, or any of the various et-ceteras and vice-versas one might care to imagine). I have spent all day trying to figure out whom to appeal to (since BCBS told me late Friday that Neville Center had not asked to extend my stay beyond Tuesday, so they hadn't denied anything, so there was no decision of theirs to appeal). So I spent all day waiting for the promised visit from my "Care Coordinator" here. When I finally decided to call BCBS again to see whether anything had changed since Friday, I discovered that the office there that deals with these matters closes at 16:30. I then finally received the promised visit from my care coordinator, who told me that she had been told ten minutes before BCBS closed that the physician who had reviewed my record had denied any extension beyond tomorrow. And that if I appealed and they kept me here, my appeal could take two weeks, and ifndenied, I would be responsible for the bills. (In contrast to what someone at BCBS told me when I asked about appealing my discharge from Sherrill House, which was even more obviously premature, which was that the appeal would be decided within at most a few days, and that while it was pending, BCBS would be responsible for the bills.)

So I am, right now, feeling pretty fucked. If I go home, it will be by ambulance, because carrying me up my front steps is the only way I can currently get in the house. I will then be stuck at home for at least the next month, able to leave only by ambulance (a bill I will have to pay, unless (touch wood) I have to go to the ER). Or I can have a wheelchair ramp installed temporarily. Which, crazy as it is, is probably the more realistic option. Because I am sure as hell going to have a number of medical appointments I'm going to have to make it to over the next month or so, before I can walk again.

So right now I'm feeling pretty fucked.

If anyone is available tomorrow afternoon to help make the impossible only take a little longer, please let me know. email xela AT tel +1.617 901 6954 --- though note that my phone is unreliable and often goes straight to email, so TXT is better there. Also, until some point after 11:00, I will continue to be available in room 115 at Neville Center, 640 Concord Ave, Cambridge --- tel +1.617 497 0600 x135

Edit: The original timestamp on this should have been around 18:00. But because the day hadn't been fucked enough, right around then my Mac decided to start having kittens. I spent better than an hour being patient with it, before finally force-rebooting. I feel lucky to have recovered my final draft.
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